1. Introducing Lightbox 2.0: Your personal photo journal

    At Lightbox, we believe that all your photos are meaningful. They’re snapshots of moments that make you smile and represent memories that you want to remember.  More and more, we are using our phones to capture special moments, but we lose these photos over time as we change phones or simply because we can’t be bothered to upload them all.
    Since we launched Lightbox six months ago, many of you have told us that your favorite thing about Lightbox is that we automatically upload all the photos you take with your phone to your online account. This way, you never have to worry about losing a moment that you’ve chosen to keep.  Lightbox users have already taken millions of photos using our free Android app and shared many different and unique perspectives on the world.

    Today, we’re proud to release a new version of Lightbox that we hope will continue to improve the experience of taking and sharing photographs.  Here are some of the new things that you can do with Lightbox:

    • Start your own photo journal:  We know creating photo albums can be time-consuming, so we now automatically create a timeline of postcards from the photos you upload, with each providing a snapshot of a moment from your life.  You can keep these postcards private or selectively share them with friends, family, or the entire Lightbox community.
    • Publish your story:  If you want to share your story with the world, your public photo journal is now published to your very own Lightbox website at yourusername.lightbox.com.  You can use your Lightbox to chronicle events like Occupy LA, record your adventure in Japan, or share your family memories.
    • Join the Lightbox community & get inspired:  We’ve created a new Explore section where you can find & follow Lightbox users in categories that interest you, such as art, fashion, and food, and get ideas for your own photo shoots! 
    Enjoy your moments. We’ll take care of the rest.

    - The Lightbox team


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