1. New camera, photo editing tools, and Flickr support

    Release notes for version 2011-08-11:

    We’ve just published a new version of the Lightbox Photos app to the Android Market that addresses a lot of the feedback we’ve received from you.

    New camera with advanced controls
    We’ve created a brand new version of the Lightbox camera that has advanced controls such as zoom, focus mode, white balance, and exposure (if supported by your phone).

    It has been a challenge for us to support the wide diversity of Android phone cameras, so we’d appreciate your feedback if you experience any issues with the Lightbox camera on our user forum

    Photo editing tools: crop, rotate, and flip
    On the photo preview screen there are now tools for cropping, rotating, and flipping the photo.

    Flickr photo uploads!
    We now support posting of photos to your Flickr account.  To enable Flickr:
    1. Run the Lightbox Photos app and go to any of the photo grids
    2. Tap your phone’s Menu button
    3. Tap on Settings
    4. Tap on Connect to other services 
    5. Tap on Connect with Flickr 

    Testino filter
    We’ve added a new filter called Testino that is inspired by the photography of Mario Testino.  Here is an example of how the Testino filter enhances an ordinary photo by increasing color vibrancy and depth.

    Notification of new photos
    We now display an Android notification when there are new photos in the My Lightbox feed.  If you wish to turn this off, go to the Settings screen and untick New photos notification.

    Can try camera before creating a Lightbox account
    You can now use the Lightbox camera before creating a Lightbox account.  You will still need to create an account if you want to share your photos at Lightbox.com (example).


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